Warhammer Quest - Ex-bloodbowl Ogre with bottle of troll squirt

Whilst searching around eBay I spotted this old ogre, sculpted by Michael Perry. It was cheap as it was missing the club, presumably removed in a moment of folly. I see this mini as a customer of a local tavern and decided he could be rescued and given a new purpose as an NPC or character in Warhammer Quest. Meet this surly ex-bloodbowl player, Drinking his favourite brew, Troll Squirt.

Warhammer Quest - Troll Slayer

It pains me to admit the original Quest troll slayer is a little too cluttered for my taste, although the artwork is great, sadly no inspiration to paint the mini. Digging around solegends.com for replacement slayers and decided this guy was ideal. Half the fun for quest seems to be finding hidden gems in the old citadel ranges. 

Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Standard Bearer

After photobucket turned most of our beloved blogs into mush realisation that I may have lost a lot myself I went on a hunt for lost photos. Here was the favourite mini I painted back in 2014. Thought it was lost to the ether, pleased I found it. 

Half-Orc D&D character - Reaper bones Goldar

Half-Orc painted for a friends D&D campaign. The model he gave me is Goldar from the reaper bones range, for those unfamiliar it's a white PVC plastic miniature. The clean up process was a little fiddly, but I'm surprised at how reasonably detailed the model is. It goes to show even with cheap materials the bones range has produced some great results in terms of miniatures, especially considering how well priced it is compared to resin and white metal. 

Overall pretty happy with the results. 

For anyone interested this is the PVC model as delivered, very different from any material I've worked with in the past. I will say the face lost some detail in the moulding process, but even in white metal the head of Goldar was not the best scale or sculpt anyway, as you can see. 

Nope nope nope - Arachnophobia in Warhammer Quest?

Heresy miniatures have down a fantastic job with this sculpt, it's not an easy model to put together, this being a metal cast with incredibly thin legs there was little room for pinning so I had build a scaffold for it to rest on whilst gluing on the legs. I had a look and noticed they have replaced it with a resin version which should be considerably easier to work with. Anyway, loved painting it and should be fun introducing it to quests in the future. 

Check out some Copplestone spiders ready for the project too. 

Warhammer Quest - The Great Unclean One

Confession time: We all from time to time have to take a step back, look at our collection and say "I'm a collector or painter above being a gamer" this is the case for me right now as we have a wonderful 5 month old who selfishly refuses to sleep all day on a Sunday so I can head to the local gaming club and hash out an adventure every week. So I recently came to accept the hobby is probably more important to me than an actual game at the moment, as I paint an enormous dungeon to enjoy in years to come.

That brings me to my next finished project. This was not at the 'level 1' end of the quest monsters, this was not a practical decision whatsoever. Never the less, I hope to eventually, one day, need a fully painted great unclean one. So here he is in his resplendent rotting form..

Warhammer Quest Tile - Corner Quagmire

Another Warhammer Quest tile, this time with a water effect applied so some highlighting, but that nice glare is from the Vallejo Stillwater, I think it gives a nice organic effect.

This will be great to use in conjunction with the sewer tiles from the white dwarf articles.

Nazgob - Orc shaman - Lair or The Orc Lord

He has evil intelligence and malice behind that hooded grimace. It's hard to believe this model is over 20 years old. Still my favourite Orc model to date and just hope the paint job did it justice.

Warhammer Quest Scenery - Column

A column for an infected quest tile. Quite enjoyed painting this little gem from Shed Games, but didn't quite turn out how I expected. My initial idea was to paint it as if if was underwater, considering it looked like it would suit a nautical theme, but the muted tones didn't do it justice without a bright model to set it off. If would look great with a Poseidon miniature or similar next to it.

Warhammer Quest - Corner Corridor Tile

A little bit of OSL and contrasting colours on this tile and it was particularly fun to paint. This tile is slightly different in that it has short walls. Shed games have a new manufacturing system and have done a really nice job on their new tiles, great value. This was painted as a tester model, but I have invested too much time in the tiles I have to make a new dungeon with short walls. Shame because they are bloody great to paint.

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