Warhammer Quest Minotaurs - Guardians of the deep

A couple of minotaurs, had one of these minis kicking around since 1996, finally got round to painting it. Love these old minotaurs, especially the double handed weapon variants. 

Warhammer Quest - Wizard / Witch - Melisandre

As we all know a good wizard is the backbone of a party of adventurers. Without a healer you're gonna have a tough time of it. 

The first few settlements for our Wizard, were pretty unkind. However after our party entered the worlds edge mountains things started to look up for her. In the last little village, just south of Karak Varn she ended up betrothed to an attractive farmer son. This prompted her to adopt the nickname Melisandre. 

Warhammer Quest Adventures

Our first adventure began in Praag with a plan to travel a few hundred miles South to Castle Drakenhof, fortune and infamy awaits. 16 weeks travelling and the first two dungeons down the party is bedding in. The Witch has proven to be terrifically bad luck, she has been beaten up, robbed, thrown out of a settlement for being a witch, taken advantage of by an unscrupulous priest and after finally doing a good deed stopping a rampaging bull was served with a bill for killing it.

The troll slayer punched a minotaur to death and the Ranger has lost most of his money to gambling, thievery and perilous endeavour. The weather has not been on our side either, within 16 weeks a tornado, a blizzard, two floods and a collapsed mountain all sought to halt our progress.

The witch hunter amusingly appears completely oblivious to the fact he is actually travelling with a bonafide witch, unless he's playing the long game.

Warhammer Quest - Collapsed Corridor

Scratch built collapsed corridor. 

Slaanesh Champion - snake tail, two swords and extra arms

Happy to show my favorite miniature from the Realm of chaos range. I have been waiting for over 20 years, back when all swords were magical and a mutation really meant something. Finally felt my painting would be able to do this justice, happy to say I'm genuinely pleased with the results.

It took around 16hrs, which was longer than I anticipated, but the pink sword really pushed me. 

Commited now to eventually painting all the Slaanesh champions from this era. 

Warhammer Quest - Halfling

I give you Danny DeVito's halfling cousin. Nuff said.

Warhammer Quest - Wardancer

Although I'm not 100% happy with the heated metal effect on the swords didn't want to slow down on a prolific painting episode so called this guy finished. When I used this effect on the necromunda pyromancer I used water to thin the washes rather than using lamian medium, in this instances it created harsher transitions. They will probably get repainted one day, but he was painted in 5hrs so can't complain. 

Lovely old quest model and just pleased to get some paint on him after 25 years in a box. Wasn't sure about the blue and green palette to start with, but pretty happy with that. 

Warhammer Quest - Ex-bloodbowl Ogre with bottle of troll squirt

Whilst searching around eBay I spotted this old ogre, sculpted by Michael Perry. It was cheap as it was missing the club, presumably removed in a moment of folly. I see this mini as a customer of a local tavern and decided he could be rescued and given a new purpose as an NPC or character in Warhammer Quest. Meet this surly ex-bloodbowl player, Drinking his favourite brew, Troll Squirt.

Warhammer Quest - Troll Slayer

It pains me to admit the original Quest troll slayer is a little too cluttered for my taste, although the artwork is great, sadly no inspiration to paint the mini. Digging around solegends.com for replacement slayers and decided this guy was ideal. Half the fun for quest seems to be finding hidden gems in the old citadel ranges. 

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